Accessibility Accommodations at St. Joseph Parish

We know that for some indiviudals access to our community can be a concern, whether on account of physical or educational need. We are able to provide assistance in several ways here at St. Joseph:

PARKING:  There are many accessible parking spots in the Main (Rear) Parking Lot and near all entrances of the church, including the Parish Office, Bell Tower, and Chapel entrances.

ENTRANCES:  There are wheelchair accessible ramps at all entrances of the church, with the Bell Tower and Door C (Green Awning) Entrances having automatic doors.

SEATING FOR MASS:  For those who find it difficult to process for Communion, the front pews of the two outside sections of the church are cushioned and in front of them, there are arm chairs with places for wheelchairs. Communion will be brought to those sitting here.

RESTROOMS:  There are accessible restrooms in the lobby of the Adoration/Daily Mass Chapel and outside the Parish Office.

SPECIAL NEEDS EDUCATION: For many years, St. Joseph Parish has provided a Special Education/Needs Faith Formation program for children, teens, and adults. Whether in a one-on-one setting, Sacramental Preparation, or in a large group setting, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you and your family about how we may be able to assist you. You can find out more about our Special Education/Needs program, here.

HEARING (SOUND) LOOP:  For those with hearing difficulties, all the seating area in the church has a hearing (sound) loop that will broadcast directly to the coil in your hearing device provided you have T-coil setting. Have questions? Call our volunteer at 440-487-0950. He will guide you! Would you like to learn more about the hearing(sound) loop? You may wish to avail yourself of these:

    • Our St. Joseph Hearing Loop Flyer with specific details and information about our facility. You can view or dowload that flyer here.
    • What is a "hearing loop"?: Find out more here!
    • For those who do not have a T-coil, are visiting, or wish to explore our Sound Loop. We have four Williams Sound PockeTalkers 2.0 that are available as loaners during Mass, which is among several styles that our volunteer has tested. Here is a short video that makes it easy to learn about a PockeTalker 2.0 and its potential to help when a user with T-Coil hearing aids is conversing at home or in a car.

HEARING ASSISTANCE:  For those with hearing difficulties who do not have a hearing aid or one set up with a T-coil, there are headsets and the above-mentioned PockeTalker available in the Sacristy that are connected to our sound system.  Please either ask an usher or stop in the Sacristy.

LOW GLUTEN:  If you need a low gluten host, please give our Parish Office a call. We will arrange to supply you with a low-gluten host and a pyx that you can bring with you when you come to Mass. We will explain our procedure to you for Mass. Whenever you come to Mass, then the main celebrant of the Mass will have your host at Communion.