Liturgy Commission

The Liturgy Commission exists to give vision and direction to the parish's Liturgical Prayer. The Commission is composed of staff and parishioners who seek to enhance the quality of parish worship. Ministries within the Liturgy Commission are primarily tasked with an active role in our parish liturgical celebrations. We also help to provide educational opportunities for our parish about the Church's prayer. Such materials are available by using the link at the right, while our guidelines help our commission execute its mission.

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  • Kathy Wolf, Chairperson, 330.641.0748Turn on JavaScript!  




Altar Servers

Adult servers assist at funeral liturgies, as well as, other parish liturgies as requested. No previous experience is required.

Boys and girls from grade five and up are invited to assist at Mass. The servers may also be asked to serve weddings, special liturgical feasts and other celebrations. This includes children in the day school and PSR.


  • Phyllis Nemetz, 440.582.3225
  • Coletta (Dolly) Schabel, 440.238.6881



    Art & Environment

    The Art and Environment Committee is involved with the preparation of the church for each liturgical season and invites those who have an appreciation and understanding of Catholic liturgy as well as those who are gifted in the visual arts (potters, woodworkers, fabric artists, painters) to bring their talents to the service of the liturgy. The committee meets as often as needed to prepare for the various liturgical seasons.

    • Rob and Annamaria Dolan, 440.846.3787

    Eucharistic Ministers

    Eucharistic Ministers have the special responsibility of helping the clergy to distribute the Body and Blood of Christ. New Eucharistic ministers are required to participate in the diocesan training sessions, as well as in St. Joseph’s preparation session. New parishioners who have served as Eucharistic Ministers elsewhere need only participate in St. Joseph's preparation session.

    • Doug Januszewski, 440.213.6715 Turn on JavaScript!



    Eucharistic Ministers to Nursing Homes & Assisted Living

    Eucharistic Ministers preside at a Communion Service on Sunday mornings for those people residing in nursing homes and assisted living facilities located within the boundaries of the parish. Training is required.

    • Gene Welsh, 440.238.1766, Turn on JavaScript!


    Eucharistic Ministers to the Homebound

    Eucharistic Ministers to the Homebound distribute Eucharist to people who are homebound. You must be willing to not only bring the Eucharist to these individuals but also spend some time talking and praying with them. If you need Holy Communion brought to you, please call the parish secretary.

    • Debbie Januszewski 440-238-5555 ext. 101 Turn on JavaScript! or Deacon Bob Lester 440-238-5555 ext. 110 Turn on JavaScript!


      Greeters strive to personally welcome Mass attendees. Greeters will be found in the Bell Tower Entrance, at the Chapel Entrance, and assisting with the main entry doors into the Gathering Area. Their ministry of hospitality and welcome sets a cordial tone for the liturgical celebrations. This ministry is open to men and women, including young adults and children. Families are welcome!

      • Judy Feador, Turn on JavaScript!, 440.503.6229



        The lector's mission is to share the Word of God with the assembly after prayerfully reviewing the Scripture. Lector's arrive at a deeper understanding of the Word through their involvement.

        • Jackie Moore, 440.238.8870, Turn on JavaScript!



        Liturgy Education

        Our Liturgy Commission is pleased to provide educational resources about both our Church's and our parish's liturgical celebrations.


        Reflections on the Eucharistic Liturgy

        The Eucharistic Liturgy - Body of Christ, Broken for the World


        Entrance and Communion Antiphons

        Martha’s Ministers

        This ministry acts as caretakers of the church. Areas maintained are the altar area, the sacristy, vestibules of church, and Eucharistic Chapel. Some of the responsibilities include changing candles, replenishing Holy Water, dusting and cleaning of vessels and other light duties.

        • Kim Adams, 440.238.1176

        Minister Schedules

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        Get a PDF copy of the July through October 2019 Liturgy Schedule

        Get a copy of minister contact information

        Ministry Guidelines

        Our parish's liturgical ministries are an integral part of our celebrations. Each of them, in their own way, provides needed ministry to our parish. In order to continue to assist our mininisters in fulfillling the ministries, we have included their guidelines here.


        Guidelines for Adult Funeral Servers

        Guidelines for Young Servers

        Guidelines For Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

        Guidelines for Lectors

        Guidelines for Sacristans

        Guidelines for Ushers

        Guidelines for Funeral Ushers

        Guidelines for Musicians


        Ministry of Music

        The Parish’s Ministry of Music Programs are coordinated and overseen by the Director of Music. These programs include Cantors, Contemporary Choir (Praise Team),Traditional Choir, Handbell Choirs, and Youth Choir.


        Sacristans prepare the altar for the Eucharistic liturgy, positioning sacred items in their proper places. They ensure that the other liturgical ministers are present, and after Mass, prepare for the next liturgy.


        • Sherry Kulway, 440.238.6163




        St. Joseph's Gardeners

        St. Joseph's Gardeners are responsible for tending flower beds and shrubs throughout the parish grounds. They see their work as helping to prepare a suitable environment for people to pray as they enter the parish grounds. The parish provides the mulch, water, and flowers; while parishioners provide the "tender loving care" (such as planting, pruning, and weeding) that the flowers and plants need to grow throughout the planting season.


        • Rob and Annamaria Dolan, 440.846.3787


        Ushers assist with seating, take up collections, and distribute bulletins. This ministry of hospitality, assistance, and welcome sets a cordial tone for the liturgical celebrations. This ministry is open to men and women, including young adults.

        • Daniel Kilbane 440.212.4491