Stewardship Commission

The Stewardship Commission is responsible for the developing of stewardship as a way of life at St. Joseph. They evaluate the Stewardship efforts of the parish, assist with the Stewardship Renewal, publish the quarterly newsletter, and follow up with ministry leaders concerning ministry participation. Meetings occur during the odd months, on the Third Monday of the month, beginning at 7pm.


  • Phyllis Nemetz, Chairwoman, 440.582.3225, Turn on JavaScript!


Stewardship Commission Members:

Seated (Left to Right): Deacon Bob Lester, Janusz Zak, Nancy Piatak, Joseph C. Ciancolo, Joseph M. Metz, and George Bodgon.

Standing (Left to Right): Phyllis Nemetz, Mary Beth Cummins, Annamaria Dolan, Robert Dolan, and Tricia Marshall.

Absent: Pete Cardello, Mary Krencsiz, and Dawna Meng



    Parish Newsletter

    The quarterly parish newsletter, distributed online and through the bulletin, and serves as an important source of information about the ministries that take place at our church. It not only celebrates the good work being done, but looks forward to the variety of ways people can share their time and talents with those ministries. If you enjoy interviewing others, writing articles, or taking pictures at church events, please consider joining the team. Current newsletters, and an archive of past newsletters and bulletins, are available using the plug-in below.

    • Joe Cianciolo, Turn on JavaScript!

    St. Joseph’s Stewards

    This ministry consists of parishioners who share their time and talent as various parish needs arise. Volunteers may be called on to share your talents for baking, gardening, mailings, setting up and assisting at parish functions and many other areas. St. Joseph's Stewards are called upon on an as-needed basis an if you are available great...if not, a simple, "No, I'm not available at this time" is OK as well. If you'd like to become involved, even if only once in a while, this ministry could put your time and talents to good use.

    • Dawna Meng, 440.552.9256, Turn on JavaScript!