Confirmation of Teens

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Confirmation of Teens:
Confirmation of Teens is offered for those young adults, grades 8 through high school, wishing to complete their Initiation into the Catholic Church. The two-year preparation process usually begins in grade 7, and is completed at the end of the eighth grade year. The sacrament is traditionally celebrated during the Easter Season. These parishioners (from Sts. Joseph and John School, St. Joseph PSR, and other area parochial schools) take part in a 2-year, parish-based preparation process for the reception of this sacrament. Contact the Faith Formation Office for more information.

Welcome to our 2022 Confirmandi

All currently registered PSR 8th graders and SJJ 8th graders who are registered at St. Joseph Parish have been contacted via email to declare their intentions concerning Confirmation for the spring of 2022. If you have an eighth grader who is eligible to prepare to be confirmed in the spring of 2022, you may access the Sacramental Intent Form here.

Confirmation 2022 (Updated 4-19-2022)

If you have any questions about Confirmation, contact Linda Zvoncheck at Turn on JavaScript!.

Please check your email regularly!! Email will be our primary means of communicating with our Confirmation group!!  

Important Dates for Confirmation 2022:

  • Confirmation Practice will take place on Wednesday, April 27th during the school day for students who attend SJJ. Students who attend PSR, IWA, homeschooling or another school will practice in the church at 7:00pm on the same day (April 27th).
  • Confirmation Mass will be on Monday, May 9th at 7:00pm in the church. Please plan to be seated with your sponsor in your assigned seat no later than 6:30pm.

The Red Confirmation Folder 2022
Linda will meet with all the Confirmation candidates individually or in small groups to review the content of the Red Confirmation Folder. Here are the basics for the parents:
1. The folder contains the important dates for Confirmation preparation. You may access these dates here.
2. The folder contains a page to get the Confirmandi to start thinging about their Confirmation Sponsor. You may access this sheet here.
3. The folder contains a page about choosing a Confirmation Name. There is also a video assignment and reflection on this page. You may access this page and the video link here. You may access just the video link here. The assignment based on the Bishop Barron video is due on February 6, 2022.
4. The folder contains a page asking for the final decision on Confirmation Name and Sponsor. You may access this page here.
5. The folder contains a page explaining the Confirmation Service requirement. This page also explains what the Service Reflection (written assignment) should contain and when these assignments are due. You may access this page here. All Service Reflections are due by March 27th.

The Culture Project

"The Culture Project (TCP) missionaries partner with Catholic schools and youth ministry teams to speak about human dignity and sexual integrity. TCP offers students an encounter with young people who are a living witness and demonstrating a life of counter-cultural virtue". Here is the link to the Diocese of Cleveland page concerning The Culture Project (TCP). Here is information about the specific team of missionaries who will be working in Cleveland. Here is a flyer that discusses the various topics that will be presented when the missionaries visit us. Here is the parent letter from the Culture Project. If you would like to know more about The Culture Project, go to: 

Confirmation Sponsors
A Confirmation Sponsor is someone who:

  • is over the age of 16
  • has been fully initiated in the Catholic Church (has been baptized in the Catholic Church, received First Communion and has been Confirmed themselves)
  • is a practicing Catholic who participates in the sacraments regularly (attends Mass and receives Eucharist)
  • if married, is in a valid marriage (was married by a Catholic priest or deacon; marriage is recongnized as valid by the Catholic Church)
  • strives to live out their commitment to Christ and to the community life of the Church every day

The candidate's parent cannot be their sponsor. Here is a print copy concerning sponsors. We no longer require Confirmation Sponsors to get a sponsor certificate from their home parish. The form that tells us who your sponsor will be, and what your confirmation name will be is here. This form is due to the Faith Formation Office of St. Joseph Church by February 2, 2022.

Appropriate Dress for Confirmation Mass:
Confirmation is a significant event in every Catholic's faith journey. We expect the attire worn by both the Confirmation Candidates and their Sponsors to be respectful and to reflect the importance of this occassion. Boys and men are asked to wear dress pants or uniform pants, dress (non-athletic) shoes, a shirt with a collar and a tie. Girls and women are asked to wear skirts or dresses no shorter than just above the knee, or dress pants. Make certain all aspects of your outfit are church-appropriate. Contact the Faith Formation Office if you have questions.

Confirmation Service Component:
Service to God and one another are essential to being Catholic christians. Information on Catholic Social Teaching is available here. Students preparing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation at St. Joseph Church are asked to participate in at least 3 service experiences, to reflect thoughtfully on those experiences, to put those reflections into writing and to turn them in to the Faith Formation Office. Once you have completed your service experience, use this sheet to prepare your written reflection. Write you reflection and turn in the paper to Linda Zvoncheck in the Faith Formation Office as soon as you have completed your service experience. You may turn in your service reflections at any time. Do not delay - write your reflection and turn it in as soon as you are able. If you have questions about the service component of your preparation, contact Linda Zvoncheck in the Faith Formation Office. NOW is a great time to get started with service!!

Service Opportunities (Updated 4-19-2022)

When the Faith Formation Office becomes aware of service opportunities for our Confirmation class, information will be posted on this webpage.  

If you are looking to keep your service activities close to home, how about praying a Rosary for those who are working to relieve the suffering of others? Certainly our first responders, doctors, nurses and clinicians need our prayers at this time. Or say a Rosary for those who are battling this virus! How about watching the Sunday 10:00 AM Mass the parish is live-streaming? Weekly Mass can be accessed by following the YouTube link to the Parish channel, here. Never underestimate the power of prayer! And yes, this too is service!

If you are interested in getting to know other Catholic teens, check out the By Teens, For Teens Youth Ministry page. 


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