Consultative Ministries

Every Catholic parish reflects the collaboration of clergy and laity, staff and parishioners in fulfilling the mission of the parish and the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus. St. Joseph Parish is no exception to this. In a unique way, these three consultative ministries of the parish provide counsel and vision to the Pastor as he works to fulfill his ministry at the parish. Unlike the other ministries of the parish, membership on these ministries is governed by their own guidelines and selection process involving the parish-at-large, appointment, and hiring by the Pastor.


  • Fr. Joe Mamich, Pastor, 440.238.5555, Turn on JavaScript!




Finance Council

The purpose of the Parish Finance Council is to aid the Pastor in the administration of parish goods. Our Parish Finance Council accomplishes this in three particular ways: 1) quarterly meetings to discuss the financials of the parish, 2) annual assistance in preparation of the parish budget, and 3) consultative discussion with the Pastor on matters of major financial impact upon the parish, particularly purchases and undertakings costing over $25,000. Our input is important to the Pastor, realizing that the Pastor is ultimately responsible - both in civil and Church realms - for all legal, business, and administrative matters of the parish.


Membership of the Council is attained by appointment of the Pastor and all registered parishioners are eligible for appointment. In particular, members are sought to represent all aspects of the parish, while also bringing particular administrative and/or financial background to the council. Members serve six-year terms with staggered terms beginning each even year.


In addition to the Pastor, and the Parish Business Manager, our Parish Finance Council consists of six parishioners: Dr. Lisa Elias, Jeff Hess, Jason Januszewski, Jon Krol, Pat Pell (Chairwoman), and Dana Robinson. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns relating to the finances of the parish, please feel free to contact Pat Pell, Chairwoman, at 440.655.1670, Dean Robinson, Parish Business Manager, or Fr. Joe Mamich, both of whom can be reached at 440.238.5555.


Every year, each parish of the Diocese of Cleveland is to produce a Financial Report to the Parish. Here at St. Joseph, we do this as an Annual Report, which may be found in the "documents" area on the right.

Parish Council

Annual Nomination Form


St. Joseph Parish Pastoral Council promotes and supports the purpose of St. Joseph Parish as defined in the Parish Mission Statement. They are a group of women and men serving our Church by offering their collaborative talents, leadership, and advice directly to the Pastor. The Pastoral Council consists of twelve nominated members and the Pastor. All registered parishioners, age 16 and older, are eligble for nomination. Candidates are nominated from among the parish community every Spring and undergo a process of discernment with one another and current members prior to being seated on the Council.  


All nominated members serve three-year terms, concluding as indicated below, and while serving on Pastoral Council seek to recognize the Holy Spirit's guidance in developing goals and priorities to meet the spiritual needs of our community. Assisting them in their work are the members of our commissions, which are detailed further through our Ministries section. As a Council, we meet the second Monday (following the 6:30pm Mass) of every other month. We publish approved meeting minutes, which are available using the right menu.

Tony Manning


Bob Mathas - Chairperson


Peggy Slavik


Dave Hildebrand


Terry Dillehay


Jim Lechko - Vice-Chair


Nathan Smee


Greg Savel


Elaine Pagan


Ann Wadsworth


Jolyn Redic


Phil Helal


Parish Staff

Our Parish Pastoral Staff, as a collection of lay and ordained persons, is dedicated to serving you and collaborating with you in buliding our parish and serving Christ as his stewards. Please feel free to contact us with questions, comments, concerns, or information requests. We will do our best to respond to your needs!

Fr. Joseph R. Mamich
440.238.5555 x103
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Fr. Greg Olszewski
Parochial Vicar (Part-Time)
440.238.5555 x104
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Fr. Robert J. Sanson
Pastor Emeritus

Deacon Pete Moore
Deacon, Retired
Living out of the Area
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Deacon Paul Kutolowski
Deacon, Retired
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Deacon Robert Lester
440.238.5555 x110
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Linda Zvoncheck
Director of Faith Formation
440.238.5555 x107
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Luke Massery
Director of Music Ministry
440.238.5555 x112
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Dean Robinson
Business Manager
440.238.5555 x102
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Judy Rawlins
Office Manager
440.238.5555 x101
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Dennis Crose
Facilities Director
440.238.5555 x113
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