Serving God and Neighbor

Through our ministries, St. Joseph Parish is pleased to offer an exciting array of opportunities for people to use thier God-given gifts in service to God and neighbor. We hope that everyone might find something that they are interested in assisting with and serve to cover a broad spectrum of service. Each of these, then, in their own way, strive to lead us all to practice being the best stewards of God's many gifts. Our Ministries are organized according Commissions, which allows you to access individual ministries and their pages using the left menu.


Sharing Our Time

Time is our most valuable commodity. Unlike our talents, which can be cultivated by practice, or our money, which can be recouped by more work, our time can never be recovered once it is spent. When we share our time—for prayer, service, friendship—we make a basic investment of ourselves. More than anything else, the way we spend our time reveals our priorities.

Sharing Our Talent

Amen I say to you, whatever you did to the least of my brothers, you did it to me.” — Matthew 25:40

This scripture was one of Mother Teresa’s favorites. Each time she picked up a poor and hungry child, she knew she was ministering to Christ. While we may not view ourselves as saints, we too are called to such heroic service here within our own community. As Mother Teresa herself said, “To be a saint is not the privilege of a few, but the duty of everyone.”

Sharing Our Treasure

Where your treasure is, there also lies your heart.” — Matthew 25:40

Money plays a large role in our lives, and precisely because of this, it needs to be aligned with our most deeply held beliefs. While it takes money for our parish to operate, our reason for giving to the Church is far greater than paying the power bill.