St. Joseph Heritage College Scholarship

This was established in 2013 by generous parishioners to provide a way to help our college-age parishioners. Since our first awards during Summer 2014, we have assisted two dozen college-age parishioners with a total of $24,000 in scholarships. Each year, we intend to award two (2) or three (3) $500 Scholarships. Since 2017 support and market conditions have allowed us to award three $1,000 scholarships and plan to continue doing the same for the near future! However, in 2022, conditions allowed us to award four $1,000 scholarships and one $2,000 scholarship as the Father Robert Sanson Scholarship. For more information, you may wish to contact Mike Shumate, Chairperson of the Scholarship Committee at 440.724.7134. 

Our awards consist of:

1. The Reverend Robert J. Sanson Scholarship for $500. This is named in honor of our Pastor Emeritus in recognition of his years of service to our parish and awarded to a receipent who has been significantly involved in the life of St. Joseph Parish.

2. A $500 Scholarship 

3. A third, and final $500 Scholarship. This is available to those pursuing a doctorate in pharmacy or a bachelor's degree in nursing.

General requirements for all scholarships are listed below:


Requirements for all Scholarships:

1) The applicant must be a college freshman in the fall in which a scholarship is received or already attending a college or university.

2) The applicant must be a member of St. Joseph Catholic Church in Strongsville, Ohio.

3) The applicant must exhibit a strong dedication to helping others and demonstrate a willingness to continue this now and into the future the need to help others through parish, school, and community service.

4) The applicant must be seeking higher education at a four year or greater college or university.

5) The applicant must complete an application which includes several small 250-word essays on what degree they are seeking and why. In addition, the applicant is asked to provide other pertinent information including their academic background, parish, and community involvement.

6) The recipient must begin their academic endeavor within nine months of receiving it.

7) The recipient must reimburse the Scholarship Fund, if for any reason they elect to discontinue their education during the academic year in which they received the scholarship.


Parishioners wishing to support the St. Joseph Heritage College Scholarship, by monetary donations, may do so by contacting the Parish Office at 440.238.5555 or by returning a donation to the Parish Office with your intention to donate to the Heritage Scholarship noted.