About our Music Ministry

From being a member of a choir to proclaiming God's Word as a cantor to accompanying hymns as an instrumentalist, one is afforded several opportunities to participate and share one's gifts in St. Joseph Church's music ministry. Seeking to enrich liturgies through song, this ministry also strives to foster a spirit of prayer in all who attend St. Joseph Church. Open to all people, the music ministry is especially ideal for anyone who has a passion for music or who has a desire to be a part of some great groups. Below is a list of the different facets of this ministry, along with a brief description of each.

If you like to sing, play a musical instrument, or are just interested in helping out this ministry, please contact our Director of Music. He can assist you in making the proper connections.

  • Luke Massery, 440.238.5555, Turn on JavaScript!


By audition only, our cantors lead and support the congregation in singing as well as proclaiming the antiphons, Responsorial Psalm, and Gospel Acclamation. Cantors sing at one or two Masses per month.

Praise Team

Our Contemporary Praise Team sings at the 4:30pm Mass every Saturday from September through May. They are also present at special liturgies for Christmas and Holy Week. Along with aiding the congregation in hymn singing, they sing solo songs at various places in the liturgy. Guitars and percussion assist the piano in accompanying the choir and congregation. Practices are held September through May on Thursday evenings.

Sunday Choir

Our Traditional Choir sings at the 10:00am Mass every Sunday from September through May. They are also present at special liturgies for Christmas and Holy Week. Along with aiding the congregation in hymn singing, the choir sings solo pieces at various places in the liturgy. Pieces sung range from unison to 4-part harmonies. Practices are held September through May on Sunday mornings beginning at 9am in the church.

Men's Chant Choir

The men's choir explores unison singing of English Gregorian Chant as a team, and sings approximately 5 Masses a year. For each Mass, there are 2 Tuesday night rehearsals.  Beginners welcome.

Semi-professional Schola

By audition/invitation only, this group of mostly professional musicians (or equivalent experience) sings chant and polyphony at the highest musical level.  Ability to read music and sing in tune are prerequisites.  Special occasions.

Youth Choir

Our Youth Choir is taking a break during the Covid period.  Please watch the bulletin or contact our Director of Music Ministry for updated information.

Handbell Choir (Adult Handbells and Youth Handbells)

From September through May, our Adult Handbell Choir plays two Masses one weekend a month. Along with accompanying the organ on some hymns, the choir also plays solo pieces and various places during the liturgy. The ability to read music is helpful and a sense of rhythm is neccessary for bell choir. Practices are held weekly from September through May, directed by Patty and Rad Yates.


Our Youth Handbell Choir offers the young people of the parish the opportunity to participate in the celebrations of the parish and day school (Sts. Joseph and John). Students (grades 3-8) rehearse at 2:00 p.m. once weekly throughout the school year under the direction of Mrs. Patty Yates.


  • Patty Yates, 440.725.3450

New Life Choir

Members of this choir volunteer to help our bereavement ministries by singing at funerals.  Each member receives a phone call and invitation a few days prior to each funeral. No rehearsals.  If you would like to be placed on the contact list, please register with Luke at Turn on JavaScript!