Ministry of Assistance

The Ministry of Assistance (MOA) works to provide temporary person-to-person assistance to St. Joseph Parishioners and Strongsville residents in need. It handles calls to the church office requesting material assistance due to unanticipated circumstances, such as food insecurity, housing issues, job loss and other unexpected events that temporarily strain a family's finances. These services may include providing emergency food or other resources as appropriate and/or providing referral information to agencies that handle such situations for the long term. MOA seeks members who desire to work with our clients to help address unexpected needs through the client visit process.

Each MOA member is expected to commit to active participation in at least three of its several major activities. In addition to client visits, these activities include providing additional assistance to those in need in the Strongsville Community and the Greater Cleveland area through the collection, sorting and distribution of school supplies, blanket and linens, clothing, food, toiletries; volunteer work at one of the two SVDP Ozanam Centers MOA supports; and cooking and/or serving Hot Meals at Holy Name Parish three times a year as well as Catholic Workers more frequently. All MOA resources and financial support are generously donated by St. Jospeh parishioners as well as community businesses. In conjunction with many other churches, MOA strives to improve individual lives in its ervice area.


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