Facility Information

As a parish commmunity, St. Joseph is blessed with facilities that allow our many ministries to have comfortable settings for their meetings and activities.  As a service to our ministries, their leaders, and members, this page contains information relating to the facilities, where they are located, and how you might schedule to use them for your parish-based ministry.


MyStJoseph - Launched in May 2018, MyStJoseph is a tool that allows parishioners and ministry leaders to connect with one another, manage their ministry's roster, and schedule parish facilites. Use this link to register for an account or to log-in into your existing account. Click here for a downloadable how-to-guide to the service. This guide was updated in June 2022.

Guidelines for Ministries - Please use this link to download the current copy of the guidelines, which outlines guidelines for the use of our parish facilities, as well as, covering items such as getting items into the bulletin, on our front electronic sign, or announced at Mass. These are current as of July 2022.


Campus Map - If you have members new to your ministry or guests arriving at the parish, you may wish to provide them a map. 


In order to request the use of a parish facility, please print the appropriate form, fill it out, and return it to the Parish Office:


Facility Request Form - Please use this form to request the use of any parish facility. It can be edited and printed out complete. Everyone will use this form or MyStJoseph to reserve facilities.


Equipment Request Form - Please use this form only when requesting needed equipment or a special set-up.


Maintenance Repair Request Form - Please use this form to request any needed repairs of parish facilities.


In order to request a check or reimbursement for your ministry, please print out this form, fill it out, and return to the Parish Office.


Purchase Order Form -  Please use this to request a check or reimbursement. Payment is subject to proper approval.

Transportation Cost Reimbursement - If you travel more than 20 miles one-way in service to the parish, you may be eligible for transportation remibursement.

Transportation Cost Reimbursement Flow Chart - Please see this for a visual representation of the above.